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Fitvibe generates a continuous stretch reflex in all involved muscles is called tonic vibration reflex. The special vibrating platform stretches the muscles, which activate vibracinoni tonic reflex. The platform vibrates 30-50 times per second, and these involuntary muscle contractions happen at the same speed. Not only do we contract and relax the muscles at high speed, but is also activated 95-97% of the muscle fibers. This means that the deep muscles, stabilizing the body, stimulate too, which is otherwise difficult to practice. Changing the acceleration factor, increases efficiency with a lot less stressed ligaments and joints. This training is shortened and its efficiency increased. Just work out 2-3 times a week 10-30 minutes to achieve quick and efficient results in all parts of the body.


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KINESIS – New design. The new movement. A new form of freedom. New You.

Kinesis ™ Personal is a combination of handles, cables and weights that are placed in the panel, which is a designer Antonio Citterio covered high-quality imitation leather and equipped the Swedish ladder. Kinesis ™ Personal is a revolutionary, modern designed product, designed by the famous Italian designer Antonio Citterio, designed for simple and functional exercise. The user enjoys complete freedom of movement, resulting in a remarkable feeling during exercise. Exercise becomes more comfortable, and also more efficient; balance between mind and body is re-established, providing a better quality of life. Functionality is reflected in the fact that it provided full freedom of movement in space, or on the Kinesis Personal is possible izvestis vaki movement.

Kinesis ™ Personal has two models:

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Model VISION is made of steel AISI 304 – INOX 1810, solid structure forming the effect of perfectly processed mirrors.

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Kinesis HERITAGE is coated with a special polymer that resembles the skin, and the addition of a Swedish wooden ladders.

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  • CableLoop ™ system provides smooth movements
  •  FullGravity™system increases the load during the movement and activates the kinetic chains rather than individual muscles
  • Load levels: 0 – 20
  • Power cable, electric voltage: 220V – 110V
  • The handles are always ready for use, there is no need for any adjustment
  • Kinesis™to over 250 different exercises and movements to improve strength, flexibility and balance.

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Exercise on Kinesis Personal ™ are included in all the muscle groups in the human body. The versatility of this device allows an infinite combination of movements, and thus different muscles involved in the exercise, by simply moving the position of the body during exercise. Special quality is an unlimited range of motion, which is accomplished in working with Kinesis Personal ™ -ready.

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CARDIO HERA 7000 is a stylish commercial treadmill that works slowly, quietly and safely with powerful AC3HP motor and inverter control tehnologije.Na promoted its upgraded design adds elegance with a very stylish ekstrerierom recognized locally as the best design.

It is compatible with sistemon POLAR heart rate monitor to help the practitioner can follow the intensity of your exercise program treninga.Na eventually becomes cooldaun mod after which the tape itself analyze the results of the exercise ..

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